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Tea’se Tea Shoppe | The Most Beautiful Tea You Ever Did See

My birthday was last week and my lovely husband surprised me with these GORGEOUS jars of tea from a local store, Tea’se Tea Shoppe.

You guys.  I’m not even kidding when I say that this tea is literally the most delicious smelling tea in the entire world!  Sooooo good.  I wish y’all had Smellivision so you could get a whiff of how amazing this tea smells.  And they taste just as good!!  In the pink jar is the Roasted Almond Rooibos, and in the white is the Apple Walnut Cream Cake (which is probably the most ah-mazing tea I’ve ever had).

And can we talk about how adorable those jars are?!  OMG.  I’m in love.

You can find Tea’se Tea Shop on Irving Park Rd in Chicago.  If you’re ever in the Portage Park neighborhood I highly suggest checking them out!

Tea'se Tea Shoppe

Tea'se Tea Shoppe | Portage Park Chicago

Tea'se Tea Shoppe | Portage Park Photographer

Fine art tea photographs

Apple Walnut Creme Cake tea

Tea in a mason jar

Tea'se Tea Shoppe | Chicago Photographer

Overhead photograph of tea

Fine art black and white kitchen photograph

Black and white mason jar

Freelensed mason jar image

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