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Andrew + Natalie | Chicago Wedding Photographer

If you were to randomly ask a handful of new-ish photographers if they want to be wedding photographers, I guarantee most of them would say no.  They’d say that it’s too unpredictable, too important, too much pressure.

But then one day a dear, sweet friend would casually ask “Hey!  Want to be my sister’s wedding photograher?” and those photographers would hmmm and hah and mull it over for a couple of weeks, and then they’d say “Sure!”.

Oh wait…that was just what happened to me, I guess.

When my sweet friend Sara asked me ever so nicely if I’d even consider being the photographer at her sister’s wedding, I was not so sure.  I mean, it’s a wedding, you guys!  It’s kind of a big deal!  But I thought and thought…and thought some more, and decided I was ready for it.  I had faith in what I already knew and I studied and studied to learn what I thought I still needed to know.  And so off we went, my little family and I, on the 9 hour drive up to the beautiful Apostle Islands in northern Wisconsin, to shoot a wedding.

Then I arrived at the location.

And it was breathtaking.  Stunning.  So beautiful.

The families of the bride and groom were a joy.  The ceremony was so lovely.  The reception one of the best wedding receptions ever (There were “help yourself” kegs, you guys!  And bags!  And frisbees!  And a lake to swim in!).  The weather was perfection and the whole day was just a blast.  So much fun!

And the bride and groom…Natalie and Andrew…were so full of love.  So full of joy and anticipation.  The morning of the wedding was the very first time I had met them, and I could immediately tell that they were perfect for each other.  She was his yin, and he was her yang.  Or maybe he was her yin, and she was his yang.  Either way, they just…fit together.  It was a pleasure to meet them and to witness them beginning this beautiful journey together.

Natalie and Andrew, I wish you both every happiness!

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