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So, you’ve had your photo session…now what? I know that most people want digital files for flexibility and the ease of printing, but let’s get serious…how many photos do you have stored away on a disc or a USB drive or your computer that have never been printed? I know I’m guilty as charged…

It can be such an overwhelming process — choosing which photographs fit well together and figuring out where to hang them and what sizes. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin!!

Which is why I’m here. To help. I don’t want to “sell” you anything. I really don’t! I HATE pushy salespeople and that’s totally not who I am.

What I do want to do is help you choose the right products for you, whether that’s just a couple of 5×7’s to give to the grandparents or a wall collection of canvases to hang proudly in your home. What matters to me is that your beautiful, custom photographs, the one’s you’ve spent time and money on, are displayed in a way that makes you most happy.

The thing is, most people don’t even know where to start! Hey now…why not let me help you? Thanks to some fancy-schmancy templates, we can work together to decide how best to display your beautiful images.

Fancy a wall of gorgeous canvases but don’t know what sizes would be best?

Perhaps the most common issue I think that most folks have is judging print sizes. Before I really learned the in’s and out’s of photography, I used to consider an 8×10 to be an excellent size for a wall portrait. Now that I’ve been at this for a while and have held large, beautiful prints and canvases in my hands, I know that an 8×10 is better suited as a gift print, something to put on your desk or perhaps to include in a cluster of prints. Look at how lonely that little 8×10 is on that big wall!

An 11×14 is a pretty good compromise if it’s a print that is matted and framed, but by itself it can still seem small.

After that we start getting into what really looks fantastic on a wall – canvases and prints that are 16×20 and larger. If you’re looking to make a statement, bigger is definitely better!

But, like I said, I don’t want to push you into a large, expensive canvas purchase if that’s not what you need or it’s not within your budget. I include print credits with my collections for a reason. My largest collection will give you enough of a print credit to do this (with $10 to spare!) –
Not so bad, right? Add in some inexpensive frames from Target or Ikea and you have a gorgeous, striking wall collection and you’re done. No need to worry about what will go where. No deciding what printing company to use (trust me, my lab is amazing!). No more leaving your beautiful images on your hard drive, never to see the light of day.
I’m here to help! We can work together to find a way for you to display your images that suits your needs and your budget because, like I already said, you’ve invested way too much time and money in your session to just have those pretty images be lonely on your computer.
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  • KateAugust 8, 2013 - 9:07 pm

    What a great post! I am with you on thinking an 8×10 was “big”. 🙂 I really like how you showed the scale for the different sizes.ReplyCancel